Twisting and Stretching
Single Molecules
Adding a twist to DNA

We continue to research and improve the system; the apparatus may be different when ordered.

Recent improvements in gigaethernet megapixel CCD camera technology now make it possible to achieve parallel experimentation on up to 40 individual molecules at the same time with the basic PicoTwist microscope, dramatically increasing throughput and statistics and enabling experiments to be conducted on systems previously considered too difficult to work with (for instance structural enzymes rather than catalytic enzymes). No extra cost. We are therefore very pleased to announce that thanks to the streamlined production process, and so as to reflect lowering production costs, we will now be offering a 7% discount on all new orders. We have also developed a a realistic simulation software which allow you to preform simple single molecule experiment in silico to evaluate how magnetic tweezers apparatus behave. This software running on PC is freely available on request.

Replacement parts: Sample mylar foil: 4 euros each

Sample connectors:

W13333 vanne luer male lock/femelle (tap male lock / female luer)

W29346 bouchon luer lock polypro (cork luer lock polypro)

W31549 tube tygon R3603 0.89 mm (pipe tygon R3603 0.89 mm)

W71162 tube tygon S54HL 0.51 mm (pipe tygon S54HL 0.51 mm)

W95900 embout luer M pas.clois.x1.6 mm (tip luer M not clois.x1.6 mm)

W95905 raccord PP droit 1.6x2.3 mm (straight fitting PP 1.6x2.3 mm)

W95960 embout luer femelle X1.6mm (female X1.6mm tip luer)

W95965 embout luer F PAS.CLOIS.X1.6mm (tip luer F NOT CLOIS.X1.6M)

Picotwist Magnetic Tweezer apparatus.

The Magnetic Tweezer apparatus developped by PicoTwist is based on a dedicated inverted microscope, a set of strong magnets mounted on motorized translation and rotation stages and a PC computer which drives the motion of the magnets and performs video acquisition and bead tracking . The main features of this apparatus are described in the pages accessible in the grey menu on the right-hand side.

For further information please contact picotwist.